Win a trip to Hollywood and watch a Superbowl Advert being filmed.



Dates and Prize

The first round of the competition started 22nd May 2007, and is now closed.

The second round of the competition starts 1st August and will be closed on the 15th August 2007. The final ten need to write a funny blog post explaining why they should be involved in a Superbowl advert. The links to each post will need to be sent here. You will need to get as many people linking to your story as possible as the voting will be strictly on unique votes and everyone needs to know about it, the most voted for post will win, we'll hold the votes open for a week once all entries are in. We'll create a voting page once we have the entries!

The Final ten in no particular order are:-

Rachel Ann's Place

Media Morgue

Andy's Land of Adventure

Smarties Place



Bonapartes Retreat

The AV Club

Mommy Bytes

Calling Gratuit


What do you win? Mybowlad will pay for the winner to be flown out with a friend to Los Angeles in California, if you want to you can to watch the advert filmed in Hollywood (you can even star in it if you want), you'll be able to shop in Beverley Hills and you can stroll around Venice Beach watching the super fit strike a pose. All this with the click of a camera. The return flights are for two people, from anywhere in the World to Los Angeles (USA) plus accomodation.


First Round Entries

Batard does mean what you think it means!

Posted on What I like in La Rochelle

ANAL Toyota - You'll Love It

Posted on Smarties Place

Seems like I was always going to be a blogger

Posted on Andy's Land of Adventure











We won't be caught under the Trade Descriptions Act

Posted on The Wonder of Words

I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure!

Posted on Bonapartes Retreat

People with briefcases and little girls running wild

Posted on The AV Club












Now that's a mission idiot!

Posted on Smarties Place

International Lip Service

Posted on Creative Gallery

Yes, it's really a BMW customized with Geo Metro skins.

Posted on Mommy Bytes












Because toasting sandwiches is just too hard for some people

Posted on Smartie's Place

We found this item on the menu most amusing

Posted on Dodgeblogium

A funny one from the desert tray

Posted on Dodegblogium











Entry strictly via the back passage.

Posted on Bill Blunt

Wisdom in a Barber Shop Window

Posted on BenSpark

This woman is so pleased to be a haw!

Posted on Smartie's Place











Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm sweat in a can! Yum!

Posted on Smartie's Place

Find Singles in your Area!

Posted on My Silent Cuffs

Is that an invitation?

Posted on Toolesque











Ecofreak race or running to the loo?

Posted on Alcide in Paris

Allegedly it does

Posted on Lindseak

Street side diplomat

Posted on Lindseak











Seems like sound advice to me

Posted on Andy's Land of Living

I wouldn't advise the chicken soup

Posted on Andy's Land of Living

The enemy had no idea where to attack first

Posted on Andy's Land of Living











"...And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a new life."

Posted on Griefcase

When i open the advertising page, I see a bubble with he ex-president Chirac saying "it's not your wench who shove off?"

Posted on Calling Gratuit












Understatement of the day

Posted on Media Morgue

I don't think I want to eat anything caught in this river!

Posted on Rachel Ann's Place

God made the Promised Land a Recreation Area?  Hmmm.....

Posted on Rachel Ann's Place











V C J as Vivid Car for Joyrider

Posted on Alicide in Paris

Bus stop? No...Graveyard? No...A champagne love story? YESSS!

Posted on Alicide in Paris



















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