Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about Fuelmyblog

What does offer me?
  • Allows you to add blogging friends to a cool widget for display.
  • You can add your blog and an image
  • Vote for ("fuel this blog") other blogs that you like to read
  • Find more blogs to read.
  • Introduce yourself, chat and discuss issues on our forum
  • Find more readers for your blog (Guaranteed if you leave comments on votes)
  • Join in competitions and win prizes
  • Display your feed on the front page
  • Get free stuff to try or play with

What is Blog of the day?
Blog of the day features a different blog every day.

Everyone has the chance to be featured.  If you want to be featured on a specific day, please contact us here

Can I add more than one blog?
You can add an unlimited number of blogs.  You need to be the blog owner or be able to receive an email to confirm.

Can I edit my details?
Yes, simply click on my account and edit the details there.

How do I get on the frontpage?
The top six voted for blogs appear under their categories on the homepage.
These are updated instantly with each new vote.

Why do the votes start at zero each day?
Every blog has two vote counts, votes today and votes to date. Votes today are zero'd at midnight GMT everyday, this enables everyone the chance to get on the front page. Votes to date will keep accumulating and get you on the hall of fame (view clicks page).

Can I post a website?
No, we only accept blogs.  We review each blog manually before adding it to our site.

We will delete anything reported to us as a website.

Who can join the forum?
Anyone, you will be subject to our terms and conditions. You must not contribute any content to the forums offered by Fuelmyblog that is infringing, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party.

How do I delete my Account?
At the moment, the only way to totally remove your details and account is to drop us an email by sending to here (link removed due to spam) [help at fuelmyblog dot com], we'll personally take care of it for you.  If you simply do not want to receive newsletters or daily fuel emails, this can be stopped either from your account or by clicking on the link on the newsletter email.

If you do want to remove your account totally, please do give us some feedback as to why, it will help us in the future and maybe help us win you back.  

Adding a blog

How do I add my blog?
  • Click the "add your blog" link. Fill in all boxes, failure to do so will restrict your adding the blog. Ensure your image is either a Jpg or Gif and is less than 100x100 pixels.
  • Once added, a code will be provided to you, this needs to be added to your blog as a voting widget.
  • Add the widget code to your blog to allow voters to vote for you.

What is a widget?
A widget is an image that you can add to your blog. We now have a friends widget, this enables you to show off your friends or like-minded blogs on fuelmyblog.

Many people ask us daily why blogs on Fuelmyblog don't have them showing, the answer is we can not force you!  If you have a widget, you'll get more votes, simple as that..

Why do you ask for a location?
It allows readers to find blogs not only by category but geographically.

Who is behind Fuelmyblog?

Who are you? was founded in July 2007 and was created to enable bloggers to gain more readers. Since then, the site has evolved and now through fuelmywebsite, the company enables businesses to have bloggers test their products or services. It became part of the UK Trade & Investment Global Entreprenuer Program in November 2010. We are a Limited company based in the UK.

The following are the only registered Directors on Fuelmyblog Ltd:

Press enquiries

Press Contacts?
In the first instance:

Contact Kevin Dixie , CEO on :-
info [at] fuelmyblog [dot] com
or by skype - fuelmyblog
or telephone office - 0044 207 193 5418 or out of hours cell 0044 7801 547 914