Feed Us


Most blog hosts feature a free feed service, you can create a feed from your blog, this then publishes your current posts to people that subscribe to your feed.  A good stand alone site is feedburner. 


If you wish for posts from your blog to feature in our 'New Posts' section on our front page, it is simple: using the below form, input your feed URL created previously into the 'Feed' field and press enter. The feed will only work if RSS, ATOM feeds will not work.

Please remember to really think about your blog post titles in the future, they will be seen on the front page and will attract more readers.

If you wish, you can use the title field to input the blog name to which the feed relate to. The title is only used internally and will not be displayed onto the site.


Also note that you have to be LOGGED ON for the form to appear.

Random posts will then be displayed in the homepage from the list of all feeds.

Have your details sent back to you if you have Forgotten your Password.

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