MyBowlAd Competition



VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. ..yes you can still fuel people but it won't count, sorry ;)

WE WILL NOW VERIFY ALL VOTES AND THE WINNER (seems pretty clear at the moment!) WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY. Thanks everyone for the votes.

  Username Link to Blog Post # competition votes      
Andy's Land of Adventure Andy_Whitehead Andy's Land of Adventure 442 fuel BenSpark 188 fuel    
Bonaparte's Retreat ironbed Bonaparte's Retreat 34 fuel    
Thomas Desfossez tomagladiator Thomas Desfossez 40 fuel    
Dodgeblogium Dodgeblogium Dodgeblogium 251 fuel    
Media Morgue Dave_Thorne Media Morgue 25 fuel    
mommy bytes moonfever0 mommy bytes 26 fuel    
Rachel Ann Rachel_Ann Rachel Ann 28 fuel    
Smartie's Place Smartie Smartie's Place 726 fuel    
The AV Club Blog avclubvids The AV Club Blog 12 fuel