userguide to fuelmyblog

Before you add your blog or use fuelmyblog, you must have had a confirmation email from us, this email is critical as it makes sure you are indeed human, you will have to simply click on a link in that email.  If after 30 minutes, you haven't received this email, firstly check your junk or spam folders, if nothing, click here and tell us, we'll manually resend it to you.

How to use Fuelmyblog and gain more readers and prizes

So, you signed up to fuelmyblog yet have seen no more readers, won nothing and generally have no idea what to do here.  This is your lucky day!  We are going to explain here how to join and get the most out of our new community. (You can view this with screenshots on our blog too by clicking here).

To start off with here is a "real world" example of what generally happens:-

A guy is sitting in a bar, looking at the floor and talking to nobody.  In his head he is asking why the woman sitting over the other side of the bar has everyone talking to her and holding on to her every word.  Then he realises two things, firstly she is wearing a really cool TShirt that says "talk to me, I provide great conversation" secondly, she has said "Hi" to every single person that entered the bar and complimented them on their clothes.  The guy didn't even look up until now, he had no friends and felt jealous, he had a choice, leave or change things.

The above is what can happen here at Fuelmyblog.  Some people have loads of friends, readers and comments, others have none, complain about the lack of traffic fuelmyblog provides and leave.  Now, we are going to tell you the best way to use this site.  It will take five minutes to read now and ten minutes fun every day.  If after two weeks, you still have no readers or comments or friends, feel free to ask us to delete your account :-)

The Five Fuel Rules - that will set your blog on fire (well it won't actually set it on fire)


So, firstly (after adding your blog of course!) you need to search or find other blogs.  The easiest way is to go to our advanced search box (here), as an example, type the word "food" in the search box, then as if by magic, a list of food blogs appear.  Alongside each blog are the following options "fuel - snuff - view - add to friends".  Firstly, click on "view", this will take you straight to the blog, if, after reading it, you like it, give it a "fuel" which is described below.

You an also simply click on a category on the home page and hover your mouse over the icons for the same functions.

Now you have found a great new interesting blog, it is time to "fuel" it (vote for it). Simply click on the word "fuel" and on the next screen, we advise you to click on other and leave a message something like "Hi, I am new here and just love your blog".  Do this with as many blogs as you like and feel you have time to view.
The next step is to check your account to see if anyone else has given you a "fuel".  This can be found by going to "My Account" scrolling down to "My Dashboard" and clicking on "votes summary".  Clicking on the red username of the person that has given you a "fuel" will take you to their list of blogs. You will also receive an email to let you know you have had votes at the end (GMT) of each day.

A FuelRoll is the chance to display your friends on your blog with our funky new widget.  Adding friends can be a rewarding yet simple task.  Our advice is to add everyone that gives you a "fuel" as a friend, this can be done by clicking "add to friends" (next to the "fuel" option as described above).  When you add someone as a friend they will instantly get a mail offering them the chance to add you back.  To display your new friends with pride, you should use the widget relevant to your blog here. (You must be logged in to get the code).

Joining in our forum will help you chat with others and ask/answer questions, you can discuss pretty much anything in here.  Clicking on the username will take you to their list of blogs and you can add the helpful people as friends or simply view their blogs.

Feed Us
Feed us is the scrolling list of blog titles you can see on the top right of every page.  This will help promote your latest post.  Click here to add your feed.  If you are unsure what a feed is, watch this short explanation here.

If after using these 5 features for two weeks, you have had no success with finding new blogs, useful information or gaining more readers, please contact us and we'll personally help you.